About me

I am a fourth year PhD candidate in Computer Science at the University of Michigan where I am working with Prof. Roya Ensafi. My research focuses on areas where the privacy, security and availability implications of networked systems affect users in the real world. My interests include network security, Internet measurement, and censorship study. Lately, I'm also interested in building and testing censorship circumvention tools and facilitating the access to them for users in restrictive networks.

Previously, I was a research intern at Cloudflare Research

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[7] Attacking Connection Tracking Frameworks as used by Virtual Private Networks

B. Mixon-Baca, J. Knockel, Diwen Xue, T. Ayyagari, D. Kapur, R. Ensafi and J. Crandall
In: Privacy Enhancing Technologies 2024 (PETS'24).

[6] Fingerprinting Obfuscated Proxy Traffic with Encapsulated TLS Handshakes

Diwen Xue, M. Kallitsis, A. Houmansadr, and R. Ensafi
In: USENIX Security Symposium 2024 (USENIX Security '24).

[5] The Use of Push Notification in Censorship Circumvention

Diwen Xue, and R. Ensafi
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[4] TSPU: Russia’s Decentralized Censorship System

Diwen Xue, B.Mixon-Baca, ValdikSS, A. Ablove, B. Kujath, J. Crandall, and R. Ensafi
In: Internet Measurement Conference 2022 , (IMC '22).

[3] OpenVPN is Open to VPN Fingerprinting

Diwen Xue, R. Ramesh, A. Jain, M. Kallitsis, J. Halderman, J. Crandall, and R. Ensafi
In: USENIX Security Symposium 2022 (USENIX Security '22).
Distinguished paper award 🏆
First Prize winner of the 2022 USENIX/Meta Internet Defense Prize 🏆

[2] VPNalyzer: Systematic Investigation of the VPN Ecosystem

R. Ramesh, L. Evdokimov, Diwen Xue, and R. Ensafi
In: Network and Distributed System Security Symposium 2022 (NDSS '22).

[1] Throttling Twitter: An Emerging Censorship Technique in Russia

Diwen Xue, R. Ramesh, ValdikSS, L. Evdokimov, A. Viktorov, A. Jain, E. Wustrow, S. Basso, and R. Ensafi
In: Internet Measurement Conference 2021 , (IMC '21).
Recognized as the Highest Scoring Short Paper at IMC'21 🏆